Could Lady Gaga be releasing a make-up range?

Another day, another celebrity make-up line—but this one is long overdue. Some Internet sleuths have discovered a trademark filed by Lady Gaga’s company Ate My Heart Inc. back in February for something called Haus Beauty. The trademark covers everything from cosmetics to perfumes, colognes, and even skincare.

That means a Lady Gaga make-up line is (probably) in the works.

She filed for the trademark in February.

Lady Gaga Haus Beauty Makeup Range
Lady Gaga Haus Beauty Trademark


A trademark application, however, doesn’t always mean it’s a sure thing. But a few years back, fans discovered a trademark for a little something called Fenty Beauty by Rihanna’s company.

And we all know how that turned out. This could be the same case for Gaga’s make-up line Haus Beauty.

Gaga isn’t new to the beauty world. Back in 2012, she launched her first and only perfume called Fame. She also partnered with MAC Cosmetics for their Viva Glam lipstick campaigns in 2009 and 2011.

For all her recent events and performances, Gaga has tapped make-up artist Sarah Tanno, who is the Global Artistry Ambassador for Marc Jacobs Beauty.

Breakfast at Tripanny’s

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It does appear that Gaga has been dropping subtle hints about a beauty line on her Instagram. The last few posts have all prominently featured red and pink lipstick.

She captioned one photo:

‘Have a beautiful happy day. I’ll be making music n’ stuff.’

Could the stuff she writes of be make-up? Maybe i’m reading too much into this. It just really needs to happen.

The fact that she didn’t credit her make-up artist in any of the photos leads me to believe she could be giving us a sneak preview of her new Haus Beauty make-up line.


Lady Gaga hasn’t confirmed or denied the info, but i’ll be keeping my eyes out for more info, and hopefully, product sneak peaks.