My bank balance says ‘THANK YOU’

The high street fave’s only gone and done it again with its very own version of Kylie Cosmetics Dupes.

Primark has just launched a new highlighter collection which is very heavily influenced by Kylie Cosmetics products; and since i’m basically broke, my bank account couldn’t be happier.

Kylie Jenner first released her Kylighters back in early 2017. A collection of six magnificent highlighters as part of her latest surprise Kylie Cosmetics launch back in early 2017. You treat us so good Kyles. There’s six shades and are all dessert-themed (probably cos they’re SWEET AF lololol).

But if you can’t afford Kylighters, cause they are $22 each! (I know I can’t) then Primark’s £3 versions will be perfect.

Primark’s VS Kylie Cosmetics Kylighters

Primark Highlighters vs Kylie Kylighters
Primark Highlighters vs Kylie Kylighters

Mink Pink vs Cotton Candy Cream

Mink Pink | Cotton Candy Cream

Brunch Club vs Salted Caramel

Brunch Club | Salted Caramel

Peachin' vs Strawberry Shortcake

Peachin’ | Strawberry Shortcake

Gold Digger vs Chocolate Cherry

Gold Digger | Chocolate Cherry

What do you think?…

Would you buy Primark’s version over Kylie’s? I’ll definitely be purchasing them next time I hit Primark!