Hi there! I’m Kim Glazebrook, and this is my outlet for sharing the things I’m most passionate about—classic, timeless style, good food (all the noodles, please!), and beauty. Actually everything I like and suits me. But at the heart of it, I want to help women use style and fashion to feel more empowered, whether you’re at the office or out with friends. I’m a firm believer that size and height should never limit your ability to look stylish and feel confident.

I’m a only 5-feet 3inches tall. I originally started writing to share my journey to build a wardrobe that actually fit and flattered my figure (aka trying to not look like a 12-year-old in the workplace). I am 25 years old and I live in the area of Cheshire, UK. In my daily life I work as a Senior Designer at The Realbuzz Group, own my own design company ‘Glaze Studio‘ and I also work on weekends because a fashion blogger still needs money to shop! Now that we have shopping, I could do this for a whole day. I also like to do beauty and try to enjoy life as much as possible. I love to do new things and sometimes I’ve got a “try before you die” moment. Enjoy life!

My clothing style is very basic, minimalistic yet fashionable and with beautiful / separate details. I often wear black clothes. Actually, I very rarely carry colour, only black, white, grey, beige tones and pink. But i’m trying to get more colour in my outfits! #sorrynotsorry

Well, this is just as brief about me and of course it’s not long at all. But if you look at my blog then you will get to know me better!

Big Kisses, Kim xx